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Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd is a leading training facility providing state of the art maritime training in accordance with SAMSA and STCW requirements.


Let no man’s ghost return to say, “My training let me down”.


  • To provide a training facility that prepares learners for likely and realistic scenarios they will face.
  • To develop our Organization Representative’s skills, experience, and expertise to ensure they can positively contribute to their communities.
  • To run our business with sound management principles which are centred around the health, safety and welfare of all personnel who can be positively impacted by the Organization.


  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect


Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd uses the wealth of knowledge from dedicated Facilitators, Assessors, Admin Team and Top Management to ensure we are the leaders in the STCW training we deliver.

We have in excess of over 120 years combined experience in the design, development and delivery of tailored national and internationally accredited training assessment solutions in safety and people.