Course Dates

Security Courses

Medical Courses

  • Elementary First Aid (2 days)
  • Medical First Aid inclusive of Elementary First Aid (4 days)
  • Medical Care at Sea (Ship’s Medical Officer) (5 days)

Survival Courses

Marine Fire Fighting

Radio Courses

  • Short Range Radio Certificate (2 days)

Pending Accreditation

  • Able Seafarers Deck (10 days)

National Courses


  • First Aid Level I (2 days)
  • First Aid Level II (3 days)
  • First Aid Level III (4 days)
  • Tactical First Aid Training (5 days)

Fire Fighting

  • Firefighting level I (2 days)
  • Firefighting level II (3 days)

Specialist Courses

  • Stop the Bleed Courses (1 days)
  • Medical Care in Remote Areas (5 days)
  • Wilderness First Responder (5 days)

Course usually run as follows:

Monday to Wednesday – Marine Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
Monday to Thursday – Medical First Aid inclusive of Elementary First Aid
Thursday and Friday – Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
Thursday and Friday – Elementary First Aid
Saturday and Sunday – Proficiency in Designated Security Duties.
Saturday and Sunday – Personal Survival Techniques

The following Courses are run on demand only:

Contact us to find out when the next course is running

  • Safety Familiarization Training
  • Advanced Marine Fire Fighting
  • Competence for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  • Medical First Aid inclusive of Elementary First Aid
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Short Range Radio
  • Crowd Management and Passenger Safety
  • Crisis Management and Human behavior