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There is a misconception that this training is known as “STCW 95”, but this was an amendment at the conception of the actual STCW training. It is actually a fact that the Convention was held in 1978, and therefore it is known as the “STCW 78 as amended” and not “STCW 95”. The very latest STCW training that is offered by Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd is known as “STCW 78 as amended in 2010, Manila Amendments

Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd is a Registered Training Provider whose principals have in excess of over 120 years’ combined experience in the design, development and delivery of tailored national and internationally accredited Training Assessment Solutions in Safety and People.

Maritime Safety Training and Development (Pty) Ltd, was started way back in 1990 by Ernest Schultz on board the Training Ship RSA, under the Department of Transport and in conjunction with the Training Centre for Seaman.

On conception of the STCW training in 1995 it was the very first Training Centre to become accredited in South Africa and was earmarked to assist in bringing the South African Navy’s Nuclear, Bomb and Chemical Disposal School in Simonstown, in-line with the STCW Training Regulations. It was also instrumental in bringing the STCW in-line with the South African Qualifications Authority as well as the Transport Education Training Authority.

With this wealth of knowledge and dedicated facilitators and assessors, Maritime Safety training and Development (Pty) Ltd can count itself as a market leader in this field.

Security Courses

Medical Courses

  • Elementary First Aid (2 days)
  • Medical First Aid inclusive of Elementary First Aid (4 days)
  • Medical Care at Sea (Ship’s Medical Officer) (5 days)

Survival Courses

Marine Fire Fighting

Radio Courses

  • Short Range Radio Certificate (2 days)

Pending Accreditation

  • Able Seafarers Deck (10 days)

National Courses


  • First Aid Level I (2 days)
  • First Aid Level II (3 days)
  • First Aid Level III (4 days)
  • Tactical First Aid Training (5 days)

Fire Fighting

  • Firefighting level I (2 days)
  • Firefighting level II (3 days)

Specialist Courses

  • Stop the Bleed Courses (1 days)
  • Medical Care in Remote Areas (5 days)
  • Wilderness First Responder (5 days)

Basic STCW Course/s

We take great pride in the fact that we have qualified and experienced staff who can deliver the needs of our clients in a very practical way to enhance desired outcomes.