Medical First Aid

Medical First Aid
(including Elementary First Aid)
STCW Code A-VI/4-1 & STCW Code A-VI/1-3

Applicable International standard(s)

This standard has been developed to meet the requirements of Medical First Aid as contained in Section A-VI/4, Table A-VI/4-1, Chapter VI of the STCW Code. This standard includes the requirements of Elementary First Aid – Section A-VI/1, table A-VI/1-3.

Standard of competence

The training in Medical First Aid is for all seafarers who are designated to provide medical first aid onboard Seagoing Vessels and some Port Operations vessels. The objective of the training is so that seafarers may take immediate and effective action in the case of accidents or illness likely to occur onboard.

Objectives and outcomes

  • Take immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency;
  • Apply immediate first aid in the event of accident or illness onboard.

Pre-requisites for entry into the course

The course is open to all persons who intend serving onboard a seagoing ship who are designated to provide medical first aid onboard a ship.