Advanced Marine Fire Fighting

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Advanced Fire Fighting
(including Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting)
STCW Code A-VI/3 & STCW Code A-VI/1-2

Applicable international standards

This standard has been developed to meet the requirements of advanced fire fighting as contained in Section A-VI/3, Table A-VI/3, Chapter VI of the STCW Code.

Persons who complete the Advanced fire fighting training successfully may be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced fire fighting at SAMSA. Standard of competence (Objectives of the Training)

The training in Advanced Fire Fighting is for all officers on Seagoing Vessels and some Port Operations vessels, and who are designated to control fire fighting operations on board the vessel.

Objectives and outcomes

  • Control fire-fighting operations on board the ship
  • Organise and train fire parties
  • Inspect, as well as possibly service some fire detection and fire extinguishing systems and equipment
  • Investigate and compile reports on incidents involving fires
  • This training includes components of Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, STA-06-102 in order to align the two courses for officers who are required to comply with both requirements

Pre-requisites for entry into the course

Candidates, before being accepted into this course, shall have successfully completed the Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course, irrespective of the date completed, as set out in the STA-06-102 (STCW Code Section A-VI/1-2) of the SAMSA Code.